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Sunday, November 7, 2010

'Home of the Nu Rock' Nu 107 Now Closed

After a long period of speculation and rumors, it was made official. The Home of Nu Rock, NU107 (107.5 in the FM dial) ends its rock format and gives way to the new partners directive to play pop music. After internet protests and signature campaigns, there was nothing the fans of the station could do. So, as November 7, 2010 comes to a close, so does another pillar in the rock music industry in the Philippines.

NU107 has been promoting new and cuting edge rock music for the past 23 years now and its sad to see such a bastion of rock music go. They have given a lot of support and airplay to local professional and unsigned underground bands through the years, and even creating one of the most successful franchise of tribute to rock artists throughout the archipelago, The NU Rock Awards.

I started listening to NU back in highschool, just as I was ushered in to the world or rock music. It has kept me company during those sleeples nights, while doing my college work, and on the few first years in the labor sector. I slowly faded out of the loop while focusing on my job. Phasing in and out only when I perform, record and promote with my band.

A crowd gathered in front of the station for its final broadcast. The audio and video stream on the internet was filled with fans. It was a mixed atmosphere of laughter and sorrow and hope while the DJs bid their farewell to the fans and played their final songs before the station ID plays for the last time, and closes with the Philippine National Anthem.

I can't help but feel sad for this day. Like a long time friend leaving the shores.

As a friend of mine posted: "Paalam NU...salamat sa musika".
(screen capture by JP Reyes, NU ad from NU107 website)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coming Soon: The Awakening of the Troll

"To sing wholeheartedly the soundness of mind". That is the meaning behind the name of the metal band "Troll of Sanity". The group of John on vocals, Nick and Justin on guitars, Tatats on bass, Reyniel on keyboards and Mark on drums, lash out their own take on metal which sounds like a cross between some of the earlier 70's metal acts, with the harmonies of prog rock and the contemporary grooves and sensibilities of today's heavy metal.

They are currently working on their album which hopefully can be released soon. But you can get a sample of ther music for now on facebook.