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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Asian Home Box Office in "Screen Red"

Asian movie affecionados rejoice!!

There is now a channel dedicated to Asian movies (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) which are professionally subtitled, like one of those feature films with foreign languages, and delivered right to your cable TV. From the guys at HBO Asia and Mei Ah comes 'Screen Red', quality Asian movies and features.

Me and my wife can't get enough of Japanese dramas and movies. We'd buy tons of DVD's, download series from the net, or borrow some top quality original DVD's if we're lucky enough. But now, with the 'Screen Red' channel featuring award winning feature films and distinct movies with their own charater and flair, our appetite for the best Asian movies, whether be it Japanese, Korean or Mandarin, is topped off. Its a dream come true.

The problem now is, we don't get much sleep because of all the good features, especially in the weekends.