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Monday, May 28, 2012

"Backdraft" Reunion Event on July 14,2012

(event poster by Romano Ramos)
No, its not the movie, but the Filipino metal band that was one of the pillars of 90's Philippine rock/ metal/ music scene. Me and my friends are big fans of this band, even getting together to cover Metallica and Backdraft songs (yung madadali lang ha).

Backdraft was a Filipino metal band back in the 90's whose brand of metal is said to boarder on  "aggressive as well as the progressive."

The band started out with Bim Samson on vocals, Mirt Togle and Ferdie Aquino on guitars, Tyrone Borromeo on bass, and MM Morales on drums during their 'garage days'. Bim was later replaced with Benedict Versoza and Jigs de Belen took over the skins. Later on, they then released the song that catapulted them into fame, S.M.B. (Sad Mad Ballad), in the now defunct rock station LA 105.9 back in early '94. (thanks R.Ramos for the info)

The band exploded into the Philippine music scene with the release of the 90's metal anthem "Anak ng Gabi" from the 'Dozen Alternatives' compilation album and their self-titled album from Neo Records back in 1994. A lot of the rockers and metal heads back then regard hits like "Asong Ulol", S.M.B. (Sad Mad Ballad), "Munting Hari" and "Sinungaling" as a staple, or a 'must-listen-to primer' into Pinoy Metal. Personally I also like "Manyika" because I get to laugh like a hopped up demon everytime I sing along to that song.

On October 1995, tragedy struck the group during a concert in Cebu as Ferdie Aquino, the guitarist, was rushed to the hospital due to a heart ailment.  Sadly, he became unable to continue with the band, as he slipped into a coma as a result of this. (from "Backdraft: The Reunion" site). I only got to learn about this recently. I knew that Ferdie slipped into a coma, but I never knew from what. ("...gising na kaibigan ko..." -B.Versoza).

In 1996, with the addition of Anton Yap on guitars,  Backdraft released their second album "The Shadowland Deep", which (I think) was more melodic, more theatrical, and more technical than their debut album. Springing from this 12-song album are hits like 'Empty', 'La Propaganda', and the instrumental "Gorgatz". I was even surprised with that epic song... "The Epic" and "The man with no Face" (with its Carnival of Horrors kind of ending).

By 1997, they decided to call it quits after their Philippine concert tour; The Shadowland Tour. The guys went their own ways with Benedict eventually handling the vocals for the rock band Virgin Hunters.

Now, years after they split up, they are going on a reunion gig at Makati's B-Side bar on July 14, 2012 which is dedicated to their long time friend Ferdie Aquino.  Ferdie's ailments and the status of his current condition  has been circulating as urban legend around the underground community about , filling up school forums, music forums and social media. The proceeds of the event shall be used to assist in his medical expenses.

And now, a special treat for all you Backdraft fans out there.

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