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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Koe de Oshigoto

Kanna Aoyagi is a first year high school student, who just turned sixteen, and was asked to help in her older sister's work in the company by being a voice actor (seiyuu). But her older sister, Yayoi, works in a company that develops "eroge" (erotic games). Kanna ends up embarrassed almost all of the time due to the racy and intense nature of the lines she had to read, and the sounds she had to make in order to make the character believable. She then finds it hard because she had to "be" the character, although she has no experience in love nor sex.

Her innocence is slightly stripped away as co-workers explained certain aspects of the game, involving intimacy and sexual relations... while others still did their best to expound on the subject without getting too graphic or vulgar (like trying to explain to a child), to get her into the right "groove" of voice acting. But it got hilarious when her "sanitized" older sister gets into explaining, making Kanna flustered at every moment.

Its a very funny ecchi-comedy anime, making you giggle most of the time because of the situations Kanna goes through in getting the job done for her sister. But there are the WTF moments where Kanna gets "too much" into the groove... entering a trance like state where she gets a blank look in her eyes while doing erotic voices and moans, licking and slurping, and climaxing... literally.

You also get to familiarize yourself with the underlying aims and hardships of voice acting, whatever the genre (I should know... I tried out once to dub for a major network and failed miserably).

The character design and animation production is average... very nicely done, but suits the theme of the anime very well. The two-episode OAV handles the pacing of the story very well, leaving no dull moment, without sacrificing the flow of the story, and not spreading the plot out too thin.

I would recommend this one for light viewing, but due to some hentai scenes imagined by Kanna (although censored), a bit of restraint is advised.