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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Ashley's Playlist

Me and fellow blogger and bandmate Paulo, was fortunate to take a behind the scenes look at the internet TV show 'Ashley's Playlist' which is shown on Thursdays at 10pm to 12am in Flippish, the premiere Filipino Internet TV channel. The show showcases various local solo artists and bands, as well as the musical talent and ability of its host, Ashley Gosiengfiao.


Ashley Gosiengfiao is a well known figure in the cosplay community, stepping into the shoes of numerous anime characters and bagging awards and recognition along the way. Aside for being a model and a product endorser, she is also an active blogger and a budding photographer.

With a guitarist/ gearhead as a father, and an equally talented musician for a mother, Ashley was raised in a household with a deep appreciation for the art of music. As a child, she was, as Ashley puts it, 'bribed' with a Playstation game, so she would attend voice lessons after school, and also took up piano until the age of 7. The love for music began to blossom from her later on as she taught herself to play the guitar at 13 and, while being in various bands throughout her highschool and college life, she was able to pick up a thing or two about playing the drums.

As for the type of music, her videoes always feature her covering a popular tune or acoustic ballad. Although open to a wide range of music genres, she prefers alternative rock, looking up to acts such as 'Up Dharma Down' and 'Company of Thieves'.


The show concept stemmed from the videos of Ashley singing popular tunes produced in Flippish. While attending a production meeting for her sister's segment, she was asked to make a few videos with them after finding out about Ashley's inclination to music. A concept for the show was then developed after producing videos of Ashley covering the songs 'Super Bass' and '

At the start of every episode, Ashley would cover some songs by herself (both vocals and guitar).

As a person into music, I know how hard it is to study a popular song before performing it in front of an audience. In the show, Ashley covers at least five per episode. A daunting task, remembering all those bits and pieces that makes up each tune and making sure you give a solid performance everytime. She prepares by practicing at least one song a day so she can deliver the songs each week. She does this by picking off the guitar chord by ear (tagalog translation: kapa...kung musician ka, alam mo yun). And in the way she explained it to us, it seems like she has the gift of perfect pitch, where one knows the key of a song just by listening (that is sooo awesome, now I know 3 people who posseses this talent).

And then show continues with performances by the featured artist or band. Most of the time, Ashley would jam along and sing with them. And somewhere in the middle, Ashley interacts with the guests with the flair and charisma of a talk show host, and interact with the viewers via online messengers, forwarding their messages and questions to the featured artists.

The atmosphere in their modest studio is open and fun, with the help of the show's multi-tasking 3 person army of Ms.Maui, Sir Almond and Sir Joey. Its a wonder that they could operate and run the show while attending to the different needs of all the people involved. Sometimes, an idea would come up from either any of them, which is developed in a mere seconds, and then executed and integrated into the program. Now that is what I call a spontaneous and dynamic approach into production.

And, from behind the cameras, you really get to notice the 'grass roots' approach into making the episode possible. While stations that I worked for before invest millions on hardware, today's DIY softwares combined with the latest personal computing hardware ensures a nifty result for the fraction of the cost.

Overall, the show is fun to watch both in the streams, and behind the scenes. With informative pieces about local artists, what's happening around the music community, and the weekly dose of Ashley for all her fans out there in 'Internet Land', 'Ashley's Playlist' is definitely something to watch out for every Thursday on Flippish.


Me and Paulo with Ashley and that evening's guest Anj Sulit and The Out of Body Special


DID YOU KNOW: If Ashley were a comic character, the nearest match would be Marvel's Siryn. Along with her other talents, she is said to posses the ability, when she's stressed out or pissed, to let out a high pitch hushed scream that creates a feedback effect on the microphones (I would like to see that in action sometime).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scratch & Transform tutorial by DJ Mastershock

A basic introduction on the 'art of scratch' by fellow Aquinian Alumni DJ Mastershock

I remember back in highschool when I attempted to do this kind of thing using a normal player... much to the dismay of my bestfriend's dad and, at the latest incident, my mother-in-law. I didn't know back then that you needed other stuff connected to it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Death of an Icon: Karl Roy

The music community lost another cherished member as Karl Roy, vocalist of the band Kapatid, succumbed to a heart attack episode early this morning.

Karl Roy has been a lot through the years, battling different heart related ailments in the past. The music community was always ready to stand by him, aiding in any way to help him recover.

Some may remember Karl's stint as a vocalist for Advent Call and their emotional anthem 'Puting Ilaw' , which put them punks in line, breaking out their lighters during a concert in Pasig.

He then proceeded to attain commercial and critical success with the funk-rock super band P.O.T. I remember them at a gig that was held some time after his operation, everyone was cheering when Karl Roy was called onstage, he then took his shirt off, and brandished his post-operation scar.

His onstage persona and charisma shall be missed by many.

(picture is a screen capture from Rogue magazine's documentary/ interview)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

FLuB: A Primer into the world of Wasak Rock

"...after being serious for the past few years and still nothing, we just don't give a fuck anymore..."

As seen from a former header of the band FLuB, which describes their philosophy in playing music, and is the mantra behind the monicker "Wasak Rock" (or preferrably mispelled as 'wasak rak').

Its just not about playing aimlessly on stage or dishing out songs that sounds like new age hippy trippy experiments into audio intoxication. Its music that creates a certain impact, not much attention in making the song or the lyrics into an epic, and a lot of on-stage attitude that aims to make the audience enjoy the night...rock style.

Its not a comedy act mixed with a rock band, nor is it based on 'novelty' songs that began a boom at the start of the millennium. Its the attitude of the song that makes a difference.

Imagine a song about looking back what you wished to grow up as during your childhood, accompanied by a straight up punk riff and progression. The lyrical content may be nuts...but its infusion with rock elements hopes makes a different appeal to the listeners.

Now this is just the start, someday, this genre will be big as punk was once were...(i think)

Follow the antics of the boys from FLuB.
Visit their site at:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Male Tsundere Nominee: Kuwano Shinsuke

Tsundere is a common phrase in the otaku world, which means a person who is cold and hostile towards another person but gruadually shows their warm, lovable cuddly side. This is commonly attributed to young women who cannot be honest or fully explain their feelings towards another person. They pretend to not care but, in a cutesy way, do things which are opposite to what they are saying and do everything in their capacity for that person.

Although it is mostly attributed to females (adding to their 'moe' charm), but throughout the years, I found a suitable candidate for a male tsundere.

Drum roll.....

Its Kuwano Shinsuke from the 2006 hit drama 'Kekkon Dekinai Otoko' as played by my favorite Japanese actor Abe Hiroshi.

I was watching it again (for the nth time) after a long time, and, with reactions from my wife, he began to fit certain qualities that may be construed as tsundere if he were a female. The way that he projects being aloof, outcast, cold and not caring but in fact he is always in tune to the needs of the people most important to him. But when he does decide to show it, it comes out wrong due to his social short comings and attitude which is interpreted the wrong way by others. His confidence in his knowledge and being always with a wity, biting remark seems to play a role in that.

The full culmination of him being tsundere to his doctor, Natsumi Hayasaka (as played by Yui Natsukawa), comes in full fruition in the final episode, in that somewhat awkward moment, where Kuwano invites her to his apartment to cook dinner.

teeeheee... :-)