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Friday, October 14, 2011

'The Stomp' at Greenbelt 3

After our anniversary dinner, a walk along Greenbelt 3 gave us a chance to experience the infectious grooves and moves of the internationally acclaimed cast of 'The Stomp'. They also had the world renowned hip hop dance group 'Philippine All Stars' as a front act for the night's event.

For those who don't know, 'The Stomp' is a non-traditional Broadway show that uses different choreography and percussive instrument made of everyday tools to bring about a dazzling show of dance, comedy and some cool, world music inspired, grooves.

I first saw this group a few years ago in a TV special, which I don't remember. I was amazed on how this group can dance while their steps alone can make the beats in which they dance to. It was a cool event to watch. And seeing the group perform last night (Oct.14,2011) at Greenbelt 3 not only reminded me of that point in time, but also let my son see what I was amazed with when I was his age.

Too bad we don't have the time and money to see the actual show...event the P700 slot. But at least I get to see an intimate performance of the group.

Some Stomp Videos from last night's performance

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TV Program Turned Bass Guitar Clinic

Last night's 'TUGTUGAN' on MYX (Oct.11,2011) turned from a live performance show to a bass guitar clinic as the host, Raymund Marasigan interviews one of my heroes, Razorback bassist Louie Talan.

The breakdown of the song 'Payaso' became a lesson into the finer points and hooks on playing bass. I have to say, some of the least noticeable and technical movements, like bends and pull outs, can create a huge different in the texture of a song.

This certain portion of the show reminds me of the videos I watched before on bass playing.

I hope someday we have a program like this in the future. Even if its only a few segments within the show as seen last night.

But this cannot take the place of an instrument clinic at much of the dynamics of the techniques and theories that goes on are due to the interaction of the guest, the host and the audience.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vocaloid Live Concert at Tokyo

I was locked up in my house last weekend, mesmerized with the thing I consider the ultimate in alternative reality. I am talking about the 2011(or was it 2010) live performance of Vocaloid Miku Hatsune at Tokyo.

For those, like me, who always heard of Miku Hatsune but never traced who she really is, and here she came from, she is now the top virtual idol from the vocal synthesizer program of Yamaha called 'Vocaloid'.

Derived from the term 'Vocal' and 'Andoid', it is a program that enables composers to make vocal tracks by typing in the lyrics, then changing the pitch. Although the syllabication of the words are not perfect, and the change in tone makes it sound like Auto-Tune, Yamaha packaged a software that is unique and easy to use for hobbyists.

Now, the live concert was not done by voice actresses, or cosplayer lip syncing to a preset program. Its a live band, with a virtual projection, much like a hologram, as a vocalist. The experience was mind blowing. Miku is projected into a translucent film which appears like a hologram, and you can still see the band in the background.

Its a step up on what the virtual band 'Gorillaz' did, and a right push towards well known virtual idols and divas like 'Simone' or Macross Plus' 'Sharon Apple'.

This concert has already played since 2009 and have played in the U.S.

And for you lucky guys at Singapore, a scheduled concert on November 11.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Kitchen Musical

Giving my DVD's a rest last weekend, I was able to catch something quite interesting and unique at Studio 23, with a name that reminds me of that teeny bopper musical specials from Disney that my nieces were crazy about.

The series is called 'The Kitchen Musical'.

At first I was just intrigued by the title, but as commercial features about the series go on, I
became more than interested...I was anticipating it.

Not knowing the schedule of the series, I was lucky enough to catch the 'Behind the Scenes' special and initial telecast last night at ABS-CBN 2 while I was bored and surfed all the channels on our TV. At first it seemed like a local/international production (seeing Philippine talents Karylle and Christian Bautista), but it turns out to be a production in Singapore with a multi-national cast of veteran and up-and-coming stage actors and talent.

Along with the fast-paced story-telling rounded with musical numbers as climax of a turning point or dramatic focus of the plot, are eye-catching visuals and on-screen gimbles reminiscent of the 'CSI' and 'House' of old. With mouth watering recipes to boot (which are also featured at the end of the episode.).

I hope to catch the other episodes real soon as the telecast is turned over to Studio 23 starting October 8, 2011.

And I'll have to remember to have some snacks on standby as the last one left me hungry... for food and more of the series.

(with screen captures from YouTube and the official website)