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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Highschool of the Dead

I used to hear about the series 'Highschool of the Dead', but it was only recently that I came around to watch it.
A group of students (with some teacher) trapped in the city that is over run by the undead (referred in the series as "Them"). As the 'monsters'rise up and run over the lives of the living, a different kind of monster emerges from the hearts and minds of various antagonists that are introduced within the story.
The anime series based on the manga by Daisuke Sato and the art of Shouji Sato, it brings about a deep, dark, melancholic storyline as the series progreses.
A sort of Survivor/Harem/Fan Service Overload type of anime with dark overtones as the group of surviving students go through the ordeal of locating their loved ones amidst a zombie pandemic happening around the world.
Along with the abundance of boob, ass and upskirt fan service, the ragtag team of survivors also fit your common stereotypes which a lot of otakus find 'moe'. Take your pick; a blonde bombshell airhead of a teacher/nurse Shizuka, the genius tsundere Saya, the slick and cool sword weilding Saeko, the tough but softie of a 'childhood friend' Rei, and the innocent lolli Arisu. Mixed into the fray is your typical all around good guy Takashi and the gun and mecha otaku Kota.
Takashi tries out one of those new comfy sniper mats
Aside from the tons of eye candy every few seconds, the storyline is a pretty decent one to keep my interest in the progression of the story. You can't wait to see how their adventure progresses on. Character development also takes you through some twists and turns as they appear twisted in some ways.
Semi nude apron covered sword weilding warrior chicks: AWESOME

Although watching only a few episodes, It was enough to make me look forward to watching other episodes.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evanescence and Bush - live at the Araneta Coliseum

I had no intention of going, because of some financial issues, but with a friend as a sponsor, I was able to attend Evanescence-Bush concert last night (Feb.19, 2012) at Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City.

What excited me was I was finally able to see the band 'Bush', one of the heroes of the 90's alternative-grunge scene, and whose music was a constant companion during my high school and college life. I was also in a band that covers their songs.

Its like revisiting those days as Bush plays 'Machinehead', 'Little Things', 'Comedown' (which made the whole arena sing along with Rossdale), 'Glycerine', 'Greedy Fly', 'Everything Zen' and 'Chemical Between Us' to name a few.

I was surprised to see the moves on Gavin Rossdale, Bush's front man, as the band played hits from their various albums. I was used to seeing the stoic Gavin on one spot during a performance, pounding away on his guitar, whether it be on their videos or live televised performances.

Pandemonium also ensued as Gavin came down from the stage, walked around the audience on the lower ground levels, making his way to the lower and upper box, while singing and guitar in tow, with security personnel catching up with him keeping the fans at bay.

Bush gave an explosive performance. Too bad the crowd is made up of mostly Evanescence fans who, I think, sees and hears about this band for the first time.


Gavin Rossdale works his way around the Coliseum, eventually reaching the Upper Box Area

After a very looong setup, Evanescence came charging in with heavy pounding drums, crushing guitars and an incredible blinding light display with their latest single "What You Want".

Now I haven't been much of a fan of Evanescence after Ben Moody left. With due respect with the current lineup of members, the heavy guitars and arrangements seems a bit watered down as compared with their earlier works, except for a few new ones that deviates from the common formula present in almost all current Evanescence songs. But I must say, drummer Will Hunt was pretty intense. He reminds me of Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters.

Once in a while they would churn out earlier hits that I was familiar with like 'Bring Me to Life' and 'Going Under'...but I was hoping that they would play 'Whisper', which was my fave. The current Evanescence sound is more ambient and mood driven.

"My Immortal"-mode

Amy Lee's Solo Piano set

"What You Want". An explosive set opener

The night was an awesome experience, as expected from performers of such caliber. As other left elated and feeling happy, I was just downright content. That the only wrong thing happening is that it was raining when we left the coliseum.