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Thursday, September 18, 2014

False Apart releases their PV "Nothing's Left, Nothing's Right"

Pop-core rockers "False Apart" releases their video for the single "Nothing's Left, Nothing's Right".

Now, I didn't know them (kasi clueless ako) , on one of their gigs at Club Dredd, I thought they said "Falls Apart" (hey, isn't that a name of a metal band...ay Shadows Fall pala yun. Isn't that a name of an emo song). But their performance blew me away and I've been liking their music since.

The way the guitars playfully harmonizes (or counter harmonize...depending on the song) creates a layer of texture to their songs, which they also do with the vocals. This method of adding rhythmic accents reminds me of some of the alternative bands I've been into when I was in college.

Oh, and oi!!, they will be releasing their mini-album (mini-album? huh? is the cd smaller than usual? pwedeng gawing cute na keychain...ehehehehe...teka nasan na ba ako...)on November 15 (Saturday) 2014 at....uhhh..... tune in for more details.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Masha's "Hello, Cyanide" single released

The guys from Masha are back with an even meaner, badder single entitled "Hello, Cyanide".

The cuss-infused, Eastern groove laced song still brings out the "Experimental Alternative" vibe that is Masha, but with a more "Incubus-Kula Shaker"- ish feel packaged in an arrangement that is distinctly OPM.

"Hello, Cyanide" has already being noticed and was featured in music sites such as and Radio Republic.


For those out there who are starting to dig the "Masha" sound, get ready for their long awaited album launch on Nov.7 at B-Side Collective. Along with rock acts such as Salt CircaKontra TiempoParadaKENYO and Twin Lobster!. 

And for the entrance fee of 200 pisetas, you also get a free beer (or drink) and a copy of their debut album "Stalemate Guards For Defiant Hearts".