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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sansha Sanyou

I've been watching a lot of "slice of life" anime recently, and frankly, I am getting bored with them. I came across a lot with a lot of cuteness but no substance. Nothing seemed interesting after "Aiura".

Then I came across "Sansha Sanyou". Its wasn't that great that it would make me wanna jump into a river, but it did perked my interest. Long enough to make me enjoy the whole series.

"Sansha Sanyou" is a slice-of-life anime about three totally different girls, who accidentally got together for lunch, and became friends ever since.

The group is made of the former rich girl, Nishikawa, the clueless and gluttonous Odagiri, and the bipolar-ish sweet but also harsh girl Hayama. The yearning for their peers lead them to form a friendship that lets them enjoy their high school life in each others company.

A running gag, or trait, with the three includes Nishikawa learning to cope from the sudden decline of her social and financial status, Odagiri thinking about nothing but food, and Hayama being soft spoken and sweet while emitting a demon-like aura making her true intent obvious. Their different acquaintances interacting with each other makes up for a lot of funny events to transpire.

It has a very cute character design, and character development paced in an easy-to-understand way which makes you enjoy the moment without the need for further examination into the characters. And it does have a very catchy opening theme.

I recommend this series for light viewing.