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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Anime: Denki Gai No Honya-san

Based on a light novel, this slice-of-life anime follows the day to day activities, interactions and mis adventures of the employees of a doujinshi shop in a fictional "Electric Town" (while making obvious reference to the Akihabara city skyline and its association to manga otakus and Comiket).

Its contemporary production themes and cute character design, along with its light hearted non-linear storyline and comedy is inter-connected with the underlying romance rising from the relations of the employees.

The motley crew of characters ranging from your stereotypical manga freak, camera maniac, struggling comic artist, closet fujoshi, zombie maniac to the silent strong type makes their daily interactions interesting.

Mix it up with fan service like innuendos and misunderstandings of the intentions of the characters, plus various comical reference to pop culture, makes it more hilarious.