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Friday, July 13, 2012

Featured Band: Chunk Dela Cruz

Mixing the eloquence and groove of bands like 311, Sublime and Incubus with the rhythm and power beats of homegrown Pinoy rap metal, Chunk dela Cruz delivers a wide range of Rap-South beach style-Alterna-Rock music that is guaranteed to get you headbanging and moving to their original stuff.

I was first drawn in to this band while I was skimming through reverbnation (i think) and listened to their song 'Takbo', which instantly became a favorite of mine. Another song to look out for is the soulful yet groove-laden 'Peri'.

This group who used to be known as 'Chunk Crew', changed their band name to 'Chunk dela Cruz' to pay homage to the bands from the 90's Alternative band explosion in the Philippines that influenced their growth and development as musicians.

Do check out their site for more news and songs about this band.