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Monday, May 23, 2011

Korn Live in Manila

At long last, the monsters of Nu Metal are coming to the land of carabaos, traffic and people opposed to family planning.

It's KORN!!!!!!! Get out and punch someone...HELL-TO THE FUCKIN'-YEAHH!!!!

I may not know their recent new releases, but hell, it'll be the same trance-like voice of Jonathan Davis with the adventurous tones of Munky Shaffer along with the low down groove-pounding bass of Fieldy Arvizu. I'm not quite familiar with Ray Luzier, from Army of Anyone, but I bet he does spill out some gut-punching beats. I hope they play their songs from the classical Nu-Metal/ Dirge era.

And I have to start saving up for the tickets.

Ohhh, this is gonna be a doozy... :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

K-On the Movie Coming Out On December,2011

Seeing a link from another blog, I was surprised to find out that TBS will be coming out with a K-On Movie this December 3.

K-On fans who hunger for more even after the second season will get another shot with this movie (although I am yet to finish watching the second season).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sendero Puts the Metal in Rap-Metal

There are a lot of rap-metal acts out there but Sendero sets itself from the rest by upping the dosage of metal riffs and progressions to their songs. Another factor which makes their 'metal' aspect unique is that it uses the harmonies and arrangements of 90's Pinoy Metal Alternative, mixed with other musical styles like blues, jazz and rock.

The eccentric sound of Sendero is from the combined talents of Clint Aquino, with his vocal projection and guitar playing which seems like a mix of 'Tom Morello's experimental licks and 'Munky Shaffer's adventurous attitude, Ian Mendoza, who provides the bass with playful mix of funk and metal reminiscent of 'Alex Katunich' from Incubus, and Nawaf Aldebasi, whose skills on the drums punches through the thin line that seperates the deep, groove based beats of rap with the power and aggression of metal.

Based in Manila, Philippines, the group first got together back in 2005 with Clint and Ian. Nawaf later came to replace the former drummer who went abroad. Their name came in a drinking session at Ian's house, while watching a live performance video of their favorite band, Rage Against the Machine. While watching 'Bombtrack' they saw the phrase 'Sendero Luminoso' (the name of a Maoist insurgent guerrilla organization in Peru) from which they shortened and used to replace their former name.

Sendero's songs doesn't hide behind hidden meanings or fancy alliterations or homonyms. What you get is the message, direct meaning, up front. This maybe partly due to their songwriting style which is more spontaneous and direct, wherein all members pull in their thoughts and ideas. You can listen to their sample tracks on their Facebook or Myspace page, but I do recommend you see them live to get the full energy of their songs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Damn Me for Missing Anthrax and Death Angel

I can't f*%#ing believe it..I promised myself I would attend this year's Pulp Summer Slam since I heard that Anthrax and Death Angel would be there. I thought "finally, one of my metal heroes would be here and I won't be having a problem of where to get money for tickets... (I had that kind of problem back in highschool and in college, I had to skip meals just to save up my allowance for tickets).

Then I saw on facebook that the event is already over...and I was in the office that time, doing some overtime.

I promise (again) next time will be different...