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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Aho Girl

Its rare for me to make a posting after a series just came out with one episode, but the new anime "Aho Girl" was enough to warrant me making this short blurp.

The series revolves around the high school freshman, Yoshiko, who is the most stupid student (who garner 0 points in all her exams....I don't even know how she got into that school in the first place), and her childhood friend and neighbor Akutsu, who is a tall, studious lad and always being forced by Yoshiko's mother to marry her daughter. Adding to Akutsu's worries are the additional cast of characters that seems to augment Yoshiko's stupid attitude, and a female student official who stalks and harasses him. 

The premise of the story is quite humorous, the development of the characters are downright funny, and there are no boring parts in the whole episode (so far) thanks to the "4-panel manga"-esque approach of dividing each chapter. The humor is fast paced, but still does a lot of play on words that would be more funnier if you understand Japanese.

But underneath this slap-stick, physical approach to humor, I still get unsettled at times with the way Yoshiko is brutally punched or slammed to the ground by the irritated Akutsu. When Yoshiko was listing her best qualities (which she came up with "none"), I think she should add that her indestructibility adds to her charm, and her hyper energy helps her come out unscathed after their encounter. I would like to add that her charm also includes  her.... innocence?... but... naaah, she is a a bit lewd with her lewd jokes, puns and "exhibitionist tendencies".

So far, the series is very enjoyable and highly recommended to light viewers and to those taking a break from all the mental mind fuck anime that;s been going through a boom recently.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Frame Arms Girl (the animation)

First time I saw Gou-Rai was on an ad I happened to see in Japan a few years back, I was so in love with the concept (maybe partly because of the rise of the "Armored Musume" in feminized Zakus and Gundam Unicorn) but I never knew what it was. Only on my return to Japan that I found that it was from a toy line called "Frame Arms Girl". 

I wasn't able to get one because of my tight budget.

Fast forward 2017, I saw Gou-Rai again but as part of then to be released anime for "Frame Arms Girl". I was so psyched.

I've seen a few episodes and the animation was clean and dynamic. The combination of vibrant cell animation and computer generated motion for battle scenes are sewn together almost perfectly, something I wish was also done to "Ajin". The story was presented in seemingly unrelated chapters (in a way likened to "Nichijou") but the plot was not at all ground breaking. 

Its like the "Busou Shinki" anime with a partially disinterested and irresponsible female version of Rihito (the male HS guy that owns the small gynoids), but with a more modern twist in character, quirks and mannerisms that sure got me to like these girls even more.

Now all I have to do is wait for this weekend...there is a Kotobukiya sale happening in a local toy convention. I can finally get myself a Gou-Rai.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017



by Daisuke Hagiwara
(based off the webcomic by HERO)

The gloomy guy in class who no one wants to be friends with, and the popular girl-next-door who almost all the guys pine for both have a secret; outside of school, they are polar opposite of who they present themselves to be. They both discovered each other's secret one day as the gloomy kid Miyamura turns out to be this interesting looker of a fellow with numerous tattoos and piercings, while the popular Hori turns out to be the serious, geeky looking home maker when she's at home. They both don't want this side of them to be known as school, so they both swore to keep their other side a secret.

As they kept each other's secret, they also began spending a lot of time together where they grew closer to each other, and eventually began doing the same even at school. Even Hori's friends and their classmates often define them as mismatched, but slowly Hori and Miyamura began having intimate feelings for each other which resulted in changes within themselves and they start to become more honest about themselves in school (except for Hori's geeky appearance and Miyamura's tattoos).

Based off the webcomic series by Hero, it has a manga spin-off by Daisuke Hagiwara and an OAV made. The animated video was a bit weak, almost appealing only to the fans of the webcomic or manga, but I think the series itself is worthy enough to get its own full length season. The message of working through the problems brought about by adolescence (whether it be something deep and dark, or just something about the daily hassles of being a teenager) is something I think we need to instill though this medium. There are enough manga and anime out there that brings about a troubled mind, but a few gives a positive aura like Horimiya.

But don't get me wrong, Horimiya is not all light hearted shits and giggles. They also tackle some more real-life issues such as bullying, isolation, insecurities and leading a life wearing a different mask which results in more misery and regret. There are also scenes which led to more mature tones about high school relationships and intimacy which exceeded my expectation, given with what I read so far with the series. Even with all this, they still manage to end the chapters with a positive note that made me look forward to more of their story.

The series also present interesting 2nd tier supporting characters who I also grew to love and appreciate. Its almost like those characters are an extension of the personality and life of the main characters Hori and Miyamura. The side stories they are presented in almost stood like a separate series on their own, while staying on point and not deviating from the plot (I almost want Hagiwara-sensei to make a Touru x Yuki series to match Horimiya..... like, TouYuki? YuTouru? :))

I always wanted to see a series like Horimiya; a slice-of-life series, peppered with humor, light drama, wherein you get to develop along with them, and savor the fruits of their endeavor which they worked to achieve. After reading a bunch of heavy, mature drama series, Horimiya came as a breath of fresh air and took me to a more positive reading experience. I always hated it that all you get to read in these types of series are the heavy drama parts then ending just as they have reached a glimmer of light at the end, just as you were starting to root for the characters (wishing for doujin circles to create an afterstory or what-if scenario to follow up the main plot). With Horimiya, you get to see the effects of the troubles that they faced and eventually feel satisfied with the outcome of the story and the plot.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Tsuda is a simple guy that starts school in an academy that, just the previous year, was an all-girls school. He was halted at the gate by the student council (on the suspicion of entering the school to create his own harem) and was forced to join them as the representative of the fledgling male population. His display of almost disinterest in the advances of the girls made him a likable candidate in the eyes of the student council president, Shino (his reason for entering the school was "because its nearby", the answer all the girls accepted). All would have gone well, except Tsuda is bombarded daily with lewd puns and dirty jokes by the Shino and student council secretary Aria, not to mention the advances of the student council adviser, Yokoshima-sensei, who "thirsts" for younger guys. The nearest person he can find solace with is the student council treasurer Suzu, but even she has issues as she prefers to look down on people (even though she is half as tall as the students in the academy).

Since its based off a four panel comic strip, the story and punchlines are fast paced. Its also a surprise to make the purveyor of lewd jokes to be the immature and naive female council president and the air-head, rich girl secretary. A twist that can be found in a few series.

The animation and production is average for such a type of series, but the timing of the jokes along with the development of the story makes it an enjoyable series to see.

Compared with the past series that I seen so far, its like a reversed "Kaichou wa Maid-sama", with the story development of "Lucky Star" or "Nichijou", combined with the pun and joke theme from "Shimoneta".

Yokoshima-sensei doing one of her "advances" on Tsuda

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


One of the anime I was eagerly looking forward to in 2017, after being a fan of the manga for a while now, I was filled with anticipation with the anime release.

Fuuka is romance-drama story, set in the backdrop of the modern music industry, following Yuu Haruna, a meek and shy high school student who was thrust in the world of contemporary music while working hard to be honest with himself and thoroughly convey his feelings, thoughts and wishes to his friends and to the object of his affection.

The animation and production was done very well, and the I think the seiyuu they picked for the title role of Fuuka Akitsuki was spot on (really captures the kind of girl what I had imagined while reading the manga). The way the songs are done really live up to the expectations I had of the Hedgehog songs; the energy, tempo, and overall feel of the lyrics and vocals. Actually, when I first heard the song in the teaser trailer, it added to my eagerness to see the series.

But that was all that is good with the anime. The story fell short of the essential things that made me took interest in the series in the first place. Some of the character's personalities were watered down, so that the plot can be fit in a 12 episode anime without creating any holes in the story. Though the anime took a more pleasant, less heart breaking turn towards the end compared to its manga counterpart, it did leave a less bitter taste as the anime concluded.

I don't know how the anime version would stand to those who haven't read the manga, but in my opinion, the anime adaptation paled in comparison in terms of the depth and development of the characters.

As the anime of "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" led me to take interest in the manga... with this series, I didn't quite get that feel. The way the characters are made didn't make them lovable enough to make me look into them further.  But it did do a good job of tying up the end of the story as the manga is still on going.

(note: after learning about the origin of Fuuka's parents from the series "Suzuka", it did stir quite an interest in me to watch/read about it as it was likened to another series that made me fell in love with anime, "Love Hina")

Friday, March 17, 2017

Golden Time

Tada Banri is split between two personas. An accident after high school graduation left him with retrograde amnesia. He cannot remember anything about his relations from up to 18 yrs of age (before the accident), not his parents, classmates, or love interests. The life he is living, as he knows it, is just starting as he enters college. His struggle to search for who he really is and to how he should live his life from that time onward leads him to be divided into two Banri's; the Old Banri (represented by the phantom memories that follow him around), and the New Banri (the one starting a new life and love as a law college student). One is not willing to let go of his past love, while the other wants to move on and reinvent himself. In any case, the loser of this internal conflict will cease to exist. Which life will take over the person that is Tada Banri.

This is the conflict premise as presented in the anime series "Golden Time".

As a series, I commend the optimum usage of its 24-episode run to build up on the characters, develop them, and make the viewer get absorbed into the conflict that is happening, giving you that fulfilling gasp of air as the finale unfurled. It did seemed dragging in some episodes, where the plot is spread too thin to fill the time before bringing the cliffhanger at the end, but its all the same satisfying. 

One more highly recommended series to fill your love-comedy-drama fix.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Domestic na Kanojo

(Domesutikku na Kanojo)
aka "Dome x Kano"

author: Sasuga Kei

Natsuno is an aspiring novelist who lives alone with his father. In order to forget the crush he has towards his English teacher, he goes ahead and agrees to have a "no-strings attached" sexual encounter with a girl he met at a mixer. When he got home, his father then announces the he is remarrying and finds out that his new stepmother has two daughters, his English teacher and the girl who he had sex with.

Although the series offers a lot of funny and enjoyable elements about their everyday life, I was moved with the way the relationship of the three develops. The way that they feel about each other, instead of going through the usual love triangle route, is given an incestuous turn because of them being united into the same family.

The story is filled with the idealist view of following your dreams, with layers upon layers of romance being complicated by suppressing their emotions in order to do what is right and to appear as acceptable to the norms of society. A pure form of love that is filled with pain and melancholy. Being able to grasp happiness for a short period of time only to fall into despair, as if to serve as reparation for being immature and giving in to what their heart yearns for.

A very addictive series to follow (as I read the available volumes three times already).

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Umibe no Onna no Ko

(Umibe no Onna no Ko)
"Girl on the Shore"

story/ art: Inio Asano

Its a story of two individuals living an ordinary life in a dull seaside town. They try to fill in the void in each other's life and became "friends with benefits", but the farther they take things, the more complicated their relationship gets. And its starting to affect their lives and those around them.

It is a psychological take on what defines as a real romantic relationship, given that the characters became distrusting because of their past, but what I find interesting are the elements used to further escalate the situation. It may be classified as an erotic work, with the graphic sex scenes, but it was tastefully done, making it the device that intensifies the tension and emotion that is present in the scene.

I love it that this series deviates from the cutesy character design and focuses on the "ordinary girl/ ordinary boy". Their facial features adds the depth of emotion needed to further show the internal struggle these kids are going through. The artist also did an amazing job in combining the almost realistic background with the design of the characters, making nothing seem out of place.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nazo no Kanojo X

A coming of age tale of two souls sharing an intimate emotional bond without the use of words. Akira Tsubaki went into a journey of discovery and change when a mysterious girl transfers into their school. Mikoto Urabe is a silent, unsociable, introverted girl of few words. Their bond started when Akira partook some of Mikoto's drool and ended up with a case of love sickness. Their relationship develops into a mature love as they went through a journey of discovering about each other. Mikoto begins to open up and be more sociable, while Akira became more sure of his feelings towards this mysterious girl that gave warmth to his life.

Although the series has a good standing as a romance-comedy, there are a few underlying elements that I think is kinda a bit...odd... or off.  First of all, there are all this talk about "real love" and "emotional bond", when the love sickness rooted from tasting...saliva? You might get this impresion at first, but their feelings for one another did blossom within the course of their relationship. Second, Mikoto wanted Akira to be faithful to her, while she goes out sampling out guys to share this bond with. This also goes far as insisting her feelings and thoughts should trump over her partner's. It took the insight of the girlfriend of Akira's best friend to make Mikoto think about Akira's feelings and thoughts. But things do get better farther along the story when Mikoto starts to take into consideration what Akira feels about the whole thing.

Oddly one-sided relationship tropes aside, I do get a bit queasy on the sharing saliva everyday as a prevention for fever induced love sickness thing. Throughout viewing this series, I got to think that this might be an ideal love-comedy thing to get into for those with light "bodily fluid" fetishes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Log Horizon

As a "summoned to another world" subset series of the fantasy genre, its about a large population of players who found themselves suddenly living the MMORPG game...just like "Sword Art Online". But that's where the comparisons end.

Story wise, Log Horizon offers a more tactical approach in living in this fantasy game world, maybe because of the fact that the main protagonist of the series is a master tactician. The things and events around you are explained directly, instead of assuming the viewer already knows everything about the MMORPG world. This saves time in the development of the story or the character as there are many things to cover.

You also get involved in the machinations of political maneuvering and backdoor diplomacy without getting too much into the details of things that could end up as a boring scene. Its an action adventure with a greater scope in terms of the effects on their lives and on the new world that they are in, rather than a focusing on a cog that is moving along in the grand scheme of things. This, in my opinion, makes the story more appealing than the other "summoned to another world" series that I've seen so far. Along with the development of each character, the relations that they create along the way, elements come together that makes you want to see the story till the end.

The series scores average in terms of production and animation, so is the character design which is not that elaborate. But it does make it easier on the eyes when you watch the action scenes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Youjo Senki

The series, known for its aliases such as "The Battle Chronicles of a Little Girl" or "Saga of Tanya the Evil", is a venerable cornucopia of anime and manga plot elements that seems to work on its target male demographic.

It combines the "reborn in another world" genesis with the historical trope of a "Great World War" as its background. Then you have the supplemental battle force reminiscent of the "Strike Witches" (mages used in combat with technological implements to boost or augment their magic...with their main propulsion on their legs reminding me of "Striker Units"), a main protagonist that is both a cunning, calculating genius who always have an agenda (Like Light in Death Note) and a cute loli to boot (her demeanor and built reminds me of Aisaka Taiga, but that's just a bonus for me).

The lighter tone, and almost humorous take on Tanya's situation makes it a bit more enjoyable to watch. As the way main protagonist thinks may lead one to assume this as a dark, psychological piece, the approach the story deals with the plot gives it a lighter tone that it has to be.

Animation production did a good job on giving the anime the gritty feel of a contemporary war movie mixed with medieval elements to support the "mage" part of the equation. Not making it too comical, but not making it too realistic. Average points for character design and development, but what's with those overly pouty lips of the young girls. especially Tanya and Visha.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mujaki no Rakuen

Mujaki no Rakuen
(Paradise of Innocence)

author: Uran (雨蘭)

If you want school life/ slice of life series along the lines of "Kyou no Go no Ni" (Today in Class 5-2), with a mixed premise of "ReLife" and "Toki wo Kakeru Shojou", but more intense than "Kodomo no Jikan", while not as crossing over too much like "Boku no Pico", then the series "Mujaki no Paradise" may just be for you.

Be warned though, there are a lot of lewd and naked scenes concerning 5th graders here. A bit more intense visuals of getting into compromising positions than "Kyou no Go no Ni". Its essentially over sexualization of elementary students.

Its the story of Handa Shouta, a 25 yr old NEET who, after being ridiculed in his class reunion, fell into the school swimming pool, then transported 15 years in the past to his old 5th grader self. He is determined to change his ways with his 15 years of experience while going through life as a 5th grader. But the innocence of his classmates (especially the female ones) gets him in a lot of trouble, and ends up changing the relationships he had in the past as a child.

The art is average for a seinen-style manga (with detailed and above average rated drawings in nude scenes), and the story can be wrapped up with a short series, but what gets me interested is the way the characters started to develop romantic feelings or such, with the main male protagonist being oblivious to it. I wanted to find out how all these changes he made with his life would actually affect his future.

And the various portrayal of children being that innocent about the opposite sex at that age is, in my opinion, exaggerated. Well, it may differ from each individual's upbringing or the environment they were exposed to, but it does make for some funny situations.

The nude scenes may be set up as eye candy for the readers, but the more vulgar ones I think the series can do without.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

Shuri Komori is a 14-yr-old high school girl who just can't say no to her classmates asking for help or favors. She gets into these situations with her friends while going on about doing various things she has to do for them.

That is essentially the gist of this short series. Going through different scenarios like an animated 4-panel comic about everyday life. Its a bit amusing, but they seem to overcompensate for the lack of impact of the comedy by adding a ginormous set of mammary glands on the main character. Sort of what "Tawawa no Getsuyoubi" did, but at least 'Tawawa' was a bit more humorous. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakura-iro

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakura-iro
(Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink)

Author: Milk Morinaga
Artist:   Milk Morinaga

A collection of tales about a group of friends from an all-girls school and them falling in love with girls who either are their friends or school mates. Although drawn in a shoujo manga style, there are some visuals that gives emphasis on the emotions of the characters, be it affection, emotional withholding or confusion.

Although focusing on a different set of characters per chapter, the same characters are shown recurring throughout the series. Just like the approach on "Hatsukoi Limited", giving the reader a sense of continuity.

The direction of the stories are average as they come, but the circumstances and/or premise surrounding some of the tales are a bit more interesting.

A somewhat innocent look into the shoujo-ai genre while facing issues of social norms and possibilities.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Video enthusiast Kaito Kirishima's almost normal life was turned into a frenzy after a chance meeting with Ichika Takatsuki, an alien on a personal mission to search for a certain place in her distant memory. After transferring to Kaito's school, both of them, along with their friends and classmates, go on to film a movie throughout their summer break, and plan to show it in their school festival. The filming is tough and complicated, but things get more ruffled up as each of them became honest about their feelings and love for another that resulted in a very complex web of relationships.

Throughout the anime, I get that certain nostalgic feeling while watching. I was surprised to find out that the development team involved with one of my favorite franchise, the "Onegai" series (developers of "Onegai Teacher" and "Onegai Twins" series) was involved with this one. Then all began to make sense. From the plot direction, the development of the characters along with their complicated relationships, down to the opening and closing songs and certain quirks in the script ("...this is a priority one...").

But this anime can still be enjoyed on its own, story wise. Although I would recommend viewers to see the first 2 series by the group to get this feeling that I have for this anime. The development of the story and its characters are light enough to be enjoyed, with humor and slice-of-life moments integrated within, but still give a certain heaviness and emotion when it comes to the climax of each relationship arc.

A nice balance that makes this a worthwhile anime to watch.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Aldnoah Zero

An anime and print series from 'Olympus Knights' and A-1 Pictures, its a sci-fi mecha anime where a vassal-type society is born from the colonizers of Mars after they discovered an ancient technology that is vastly superior to Earth's. They then declared separation from the Earth government and waged war with the Terran population. An armistice is declared after the space gate on the moon exploded, sending lunar debris all over the area and stranding the vassals of the Martian empire. But after 15 years of itching for action, a small incident sparked the second war which obliterates most of the planet and the Martian armed forces.

At first glance, the way the story unfolded is common to a lot of mecha genre anime, namely Gundam (the original series), Gundam Seed and Macross. Familiar tales of young kids, barely out of highschool, dragged into an interplanetary war, suddenly aces piloting mechas, ran away on a flying battleship (or carrier) , with a hidden royalty on board, then two young aces slug it out in a final show down.

Animation is well made, especially in the battle scenes in space, where it gives you the feel of a 'Robotech' like engagement, and the surface atmospheric battles gives you the realism of weight and actual physics with the movement limitations on the mechas.

The mecha design is quite close to realism with 21st century technology, with a bit faster movement, erring to the side of what would theoretically works with regard to aerodynamics, mechanical power and utility. No fancy shancy designs that would not give an advantage towards the battle (except for a few elements that seems to be added for 'shock factor' in feudal war armors).

Although this anime seems to posses the same plot attributes as other mecha genre anime that preceded it, the development and interaction of the characters, and the choices they make draws you in like a telenovela or drama anthology.

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

Koutaro Satomi started living alone at the start of highschool as his father was transferred because of work. Not wanting to be a financial burden, he did his best to find a very cheap apartment. He finds a 6-jou (jou refers to the same size as 1 tatami mat... traditional Japanese measure of area, usually for living spaces) in an old apartment building for only 5,000 yen.Things get crazy when suddenly, there is a ghost, a magical girl, an intergalactic princess and commander of a subterranean civilization, all vying to take over the small space that is Satomi's apartment.

At first, I just leisurely watched, not intending to finish the whole series. "...just gonna be one of those trying-to-be-cute harem series that I was getting sick of..." I thought to myself. But each episode draws me in to find out more. There were episodes that I think were not needed to further the story, but the character development in these made me still care enough to watch... kudos to the production team.

Until I was in the last episode, the final scene made me think everything appears to come full circle...with a twist (well, for majority of the characters at least), and made me realize, "...whoa, this thing appears to be deeper than it seems...", in the same way "Mahou Sensei Negima", "Ah! My Goddess" and "DNA" made me feel.

And with a little more digging, it began to appear that the light novel/ manga adaptation seems to contain a more interesting and mature story line than the anime. If the anime was suppose to draw interest to the main series, giving out a hint of the twist of the plot with a cliffhanger, while making the anime stand alone in terms of story without giving away much of the light novel/ manga adaptation plot.... then good job!

Although with a mix of the supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy and school life in the fray to get a multi-genre thing going, the anime will only get you by so much. To get the real gist of things... and if you want to go deeper into the characters, you still might need to see the light novel/ manga adaptation.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tomo-chan wa Onna no Ko

(Tomo-chan wa Onna no Ko!)
"Tomo is a Girl!"

author: Yanagida Fumita

Tomo and Junichiro has been friends since they were kids. Going on dangerous adventures, intense physical activities and playing outdoors until the sun goes down. Junichirou gets the shock of his life when he finds out that Tomo is actually a girl (because by middle school, Tomo wears the uniform with a skirt). 

But since Junichiro's used to treating Tomo as a guy friend, he goes on treating her the same. But the same cannot be said for Tomo, as she started having feelings for her childhood buddy. Things start to become awkward by high school because Junichirou starts to feel the same, but both are a bit scared to be honest with what they feel for each other.

This is actually my current favorite manga, reading it over and over for the 4th time (as of today). The series not only focuses on the two friends, but also on their equally interestingly hilarious friends, who comes up with schemes to get them together which ends up with more hilarious events.
Although normally made in a four panel per chapter format, the facial expressions gives you a total feel for the characters, without making it too 'comical', retaining some realistic features.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Quite an interesting word play with names, as Inugami (lit. trans.: dog deity), a highschool girl who loves cats, meets Nekoyama (lit.trans.: cat mountain), another girl from the same school who loves dogs. They are instantly attracted to each other, as the other shows features of their favorite animal. Nekoyama has unkempt hair that looks like cat ears, and has cat-like demeanor, while Inugami has a ponytail that wags like a dog's tail when happy.

Their story is further made interesting as they interacted with other schoolmates who have the same wordplay of animals in their names, while showing the identifying traits of those animals as well. Quite a brain teaser for non-Japanese viewers.

Its a short series with an interesting slice-of-life tale of  friendship, with underlying tones of "yuri" love in its purest form (just like "Sakura Tricks" without the intense girl on girl kissing action).

Quite an enjoyable series for light viewing.

Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

A short series about the daily lives of Kaoru, a hardworking OL, and Hajime, a stay-at-home husband who is also an otaku. It shows the various interactions of the couple, where Hajime spouts out anime and otaku references and ideologies to address real life situations which leaves Kaoru dumbfounded at times, hence the title (translated to "I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying").

But underneath it all, Hajime is a sweet guy and loyal to Kaoru... although there is a lot of scenes where Kaoru interrupts Hajime's anime viewing session where they quip " my waifu!!!"... "I AM your wife, dammit!!!" (hahaha...pretty hilarious). And when the sexual tension rises in an episode, it ends with a note that said "They had tons of sex afterwards"...with a deep monotone voice reading it.

The series production is like a combination of "Lucky Star" and "Mangaka-san to Asisstant-san to", written in an interesting blend of humor and romance...but not in a love-comedy sort of way. The hilarious parts get you the same way the heart warming scenes does.

The story is not spread out too thin, but satisfying none the less, given its 3 and a half minute long episodes. Although, it makes you look forward to what shenanigans the couple is going to go through next. Each season is not open ended, but it is not closed either... but you will be satisfied with the outcome of the final episode.

Okusama ga Seito Kaichou

If watching the large bosoms of petite highschool girl being fondled is your thing, along with many crazy ecchi ways to bring out the 'dere' in cute and sexy 'tsundere' characters, all while having a romantic comedy theme underlying the whole shebang, then the "Okusama ga Seito Kaichou" series is for you.

The lucky bastich, Hayato Izumi, the student council vice-president, is surprised to find out that he is promised to wed the small but voluptuous Ui Wakana, the president of the student council of the same school.

You would think that this is a run of the mill "promised-to-wed-between-two-families" kind of series, but wait... there's more.

Izumi is going through as tough time; finding the arrangement unacceptable, but at the same time, having some sort of feelings for Ui. Trying to keep the fact that they are to be married and living together a secret at school while Ui is getting all jealous with the girls approaching Izumi, which makes her want to announce that fact. Keeping his modesty and composure, with Ui's chastity in mind, while Ui is making all these advances and desire for 'skinship' (or intimacy) in hopes of deepening and progressing their relationship as husband and wife. I wouldn't be surprised if Izumi didn't just dropped dead from aneurysm one day.

Production wise, the series is animated and drawn well as to blend the serious romance parts with the hilarious parts. Although I think there was much attention paid to detail with Ui's breasts, nipples and "underwear over" the nether region fan service, making the audience feel the excitement while watching... really enjoyable R-18 stuff here, border lining to softcore porn. And they have a really catchy opening theme with  "Koi suru Hyoko" by Reika Katakiri

Its a fun series for light viewing and you actually might get around to rooting for Ui to bring their relationship to another level.