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Monday, June 12, 2017

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Tsuda is a simple guy that starts school in an academy that, just the previous year, was an all-girls school. He was halted at the gate by the student council (on the suspicion of entering the school to create his own harem) and was forced to join them as the representative of the fledgling male population. His display of almost disinterest in the advances of the girls made him a likable candidate in the eyes of the student council president, Shino (his reason for entering the school was "because its nearby", the answer all the girls accepted). All would have gone well, except Tsuda is bombarded daily with lewd puns and dirty jokes by the Shino and student council secretary Aria, not to mention the advances of the student council adviser, Yokoshima-sensei, who "thirsts" for younger guys. The nearest person he can find solace with is the student council treasurer Suzu, but even she has issues as she prefers to look down on people (even though she is half as tall as the students in the academy).

Since its based off a four panel comic strip, the story and punchlines are fast paced. Its also a surprise to make the purveyor of lewd jokes to be the immature and naive female council president and the air-head, rich girl secretary. A twist that can be found in a few series.

The animation and production is average for such a type of series, but the timing of the jokes along with the development of the story makes it an enjoyable series to see.

Compared with the past series that I seen so far, its like a reversed "Kaichou wa Maid-sama", with the story development of "Lucky Star" or "Nichijou", combined with the pun and joke theme from "Shimoneta".

Yokoshima-sensei doing one of her "advances" on Tsuda

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