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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rocumentary: Pearl Jam Twenty

Another something something to look forward to this coming October.

Filmmaker and music journalist Cameron Crowe unveils his latest film "Pearl Jam Twenty" at the 2011 Toronto International Film Fest, which celebrates the past 20 years Pearl Jam has been together as a solid rockin band.

It boasts of a select scenes from at least 20+ hours of video he shot with the band, along with some never before seen footage and interviews as Cameron chronicles the formation and the story of Pearl Jam.

Along with the release of the film, there is a book that was said to be released last Sept.13,2011, a "Pearl Jam Twenty" album, and a tour to support the release. What I'm looking out for is the worldwide DVD release which is slated on October 25,2011.

"Pearl Jam Twenty" is a Vinyl Films Production, in association with MonkeyWrench and Tremolo Productions.

(I was laughing at the start of the clip, where the interviewer was like struggling with the words and the camera focusing on Vedder for a long period.)