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Friday, August 28, 2015

Anime: Tamako Market

Tamako is a daughter of a mocchi maker, that soft sweet and tender Japanese traditional confection, that is well loved by the people at Rabbit Mountain shopping district. Living an almost carefree and innocent life, until a mysterious bird came into her life. A bird that could talk and is looking for a bride for the prince in their royal court. The series goes into the daily life and grind of her family, friends and members of the shopping district.

Tamako Market is a slice-of-life/ school life anime good for light viewing, with almost no plot twists and a feel good plot surrounding the story.

The characters and their development is well produced throughout the series, with looks and attitudes comparable to Yui,Ui, Ritsu, Azusa and Nodoka from the "K-On" series (so does the character design and art production).

There is an underlying love story that viewers would likely love to see come into fruition, a bit of yuri-love in the beginning, but was concluded early on.

The series also contains a lot of traditional Japanese celebration due to the fact that the family business delves into traditional Japanese culture.