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Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Naname Aya's Japan Surplus" at Shaw Blvd.

I have a habit of going to Japanese surplus goods store because even though they sell second hand goods, they are still in good quality...or some of them.

Situated beside the Honda center near the main gate of Brgy. San Antonio, is a small shop in #10 Shaw Blvd, called Naname Aya Trading Japan Surplus.

Aside the normal face of porcelain, clothes, bags and electronics, there are some hard to find items available.

Want your own video arcade? they got machines...working ones. small 12V LCD TV...some with dvd players. Camera lens (mostly Minolta and others... no such luck for Nikon or Canon) and toys.

They also got a huge selection of vintage audio players, recording devices, mixing boards (for sound engineering) guitars and the such.

I got myself a pair of leather boots for 400 pesos.


  1. do you know where are they located now? the site has been replaced by boysen paint shop :(

    1. unfortunately, no. I returned to their location a few months back for the ceramic masks of japanese dieties...but in there was an Indian cafe of sorts