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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Anime: KanColle (Kantai Collection Anime)

After the long wait, the anime adaptation of the famous online card game "Kantai Collection" (also known as KanColle) was finally released...and I got to watch it online this morning.

The KanColle anime adaptation is the latest in the long line of "moe anthropomorphism" of war machines in Japanese pop culture. I was drawn into the series because of my love for 2 things, battleships and cute girls.

The anime seems to follow the series "Fubuki, Gambarimasu!", where it features "slice of life" and "school life" of the ship girls from the point of view of special destroyer "Fubuki".

The anime is like a mash up of the values and attitude of "Strike Witches" with the animation production quality and intensity of "Aoi Hagane no Arpeggio". I also liked the launch sequences, which is like Iron man meets Gundam 00 meets Strike Witches.

Can't wait for the next episode...I already watched the first episode thrice already today.

Hweeeeeeeeeeee... Fire cannons you foxy destroyer you....BOOOOOOOM!!!!