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Sunday, March 9, 2014

National Geographic Channel and Fox Channel Philippines launches "COSMOS: A Space-Time Oddysey"

National Geographic Channel and FOX Channels invited media people and bloggers to the advance screening of the first episode of "COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey" last March 7 at the Mind Museum, Taguig City. It is the highly anticipated sequel to the "COSMOS: A Personal Voyage" series written and hosted by space visionary Carl Sagan back in the 1980's. The new series tackles how humans develop their concept of the laws of nature and their place in the universe, with contemporary ideas and theories aided with stunning visuals and powerful narratives. The series will kick-off on March 12 at 10pm simultaneously on National Geographic Channel and Fox Philippines.

The show is hosted by popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, known to "Big Bang Theory" fans as Raj's friend who apologetically faces off with the guilt-ridden Sheldon. Riding the "Ship of Imagination", he does a very powerful delivery of explaining various concepts and theories of cosmology and astrophysics that anyone with a basic knowledge of the universe can follow it.

I brought along my son to the event because he was going on and on for the past few weeks about how he's looking forward to an upcoming series called COSMOS on the NGC. We were both expecting a sort of symposium about the different concepts to be tackled by the series, but we were surprised as we were treated to cocktails, champagne, and a blissful selection of entrees and pastries by a setup like, as my son puts it, "a kind of party Tony Stark goes to". And when they said we were to watch the first episode at the auditorium, we both were freaking out.

The series also gives a more human side to science and discovery. Of passing the torch of imagination to fuel future thinkers and scientists. Like the story of Carl Sagan leading and sharing a path for Tyson. And how NGC broadened my horizons through their National Geographic Specials series in the 1990s, I hope the same would lead my son with COSMOS.