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Friday, December 30, 2016

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

One boring evening, I happened to cross path with this anime that suddenly took my attention because of the cute puppy, but also because of the premise of the series.

"Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou" is a series about Kazuhito, an avid book reader and one of the fans of the famous and mysterious writer known as Akiyama Shinobu. Because of an incident in a cafe, he was shot and killed while protecting a stranger. With his intense will to live (he doesn't want to die before reading the last book of his favorite series by Akiyama) he came back as a cute little Dachshund. He was later taken in by the stranger, Natsuno, who, can not only hear his thoughts, but also the author known as Akiyama. Together they went through strange and hilarious adventures, while Natsuno is recovering from a slight writer's slump.

The animation style is quite average, along with the voice acting, for a series of such production. But what draws me in is the development of the characters and the story as the lives of the two progresses. The first 2 to 6 episodes, although filled with some comedic moments plus a dash of mystery (almost like a detective drama), expresses deep emotions about loss, self-doubt, and search for atonement and salvation. All rooted from the untimely death of Kazuhito.

I do like the love-hate relationship the two have. Its a sense of hating their guts, at the same time feeling they cannot live without the other. There are a lot of times that Natsuno displays jealousy when girl fawn over Kazuhito (being a cute fluffy dog).

A scene which disturbs me, though, is where Kazuhito declares that his book collection are his 'children'. Natsuno, being the author of those very books, also considers herself the mother of those books. She then blushes and thinks of ways how they could have children, with Kazuhito being a dog and all. She then blabbers on about different ways they could conceive given their physical differences. Oh well, a small price to pay for such an enjoyable series.

This would definitely keep you craving to see the next episode. Whether it be the next chapter of an adventure they are having, or a new on they are opening up.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Nisekoi Doumei

(Nisekoi Doumei)
"Fake Love Alliance"

writer: Sasaki Aoi
art: Ayano

Mayuri Asana is a normal, cheerful highschool girl who made a "pact" with her class seatmate and friend, Youji Aizawa, to have an affair together, after witnessing her boyfriend cheating on her with Aizawa's girlfriend. After that, her quiet life became a hailstorm of drama as her world is turned upside down with the mess she had entered with Aizawa.

The story is a mixed approach on what "young love" is, combining aspects of romance at that age, with some heavy mature issues. This creates a huge moral and emotional struggle within the main female protagonist as she goes on this ruse with a close friend.

In some degree, it is almost like a reverse harem. With the main female lead getting swamped with affection from different male characters. But not done in the exaggerated manner as a normal harem genre would, and the lead is not confused in who to pick from the bunch.

The series is not all drama. There are a lot of light moments, balancing out the crescendo which is pivotal to the direction of the story. But I do like the way the art and the writing style draws you in to the internal struggle of the characters. Not too melancholic, just enough to let you enjoy the pains or falling in love.