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Monday, June 26, 2017

Frame Arms Girl (the animation)

First time I saw Gou-Rai was on an ad I happened to see in Japan a few years back, I was so in love with the concept (maybe partly because of the rise of the "Armored Musume" in feminized Zakus and Gundam Unicorn) but I never knew what it was. Only on my return to Japan that I found that it was from a toy line called "Frame Arms Girl". 

I wasn't able to get one because of my tight budget.

Fast forward 2017, I saw Gou-Rai again but as part of then to be released anime for "Frame Arms Girl". I was so psyched.

I've seen a few episodes and the animation was clean and dynamic. The combination of vibrant cell animation and computer generated motion for battle scenes are sewn together almost perfectly, something I wish was also done to "Ajin". The story was presented in seemingly unrelated chapters (in a way likened to "Nichijou") but the plot was not at all ground breaking. 

Its like the "Busou Shinki" anime with a partially disinterested and irresponsible female version of Rihito (the male HS guy that owns the small gynoids), but with a more modern twist in character, quirks and mannerisms that sure got me to like these girls even more.

Now all I have to do is wait for this weekend...there is a Kotobukiya sale happening in a local toy convention. I can finally get myself a Gou-Rai.

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